Thursday, August 21, 2008

What does a Smile mean to you?

A smile is an expression commonly used
A smile has no value yet it is priceless
A smile has neither a beginning nor an end
A smile knows no fatigue and can never be exhausted
A smile will continue to exist even though it is never used
A smile has a past, present and a future
A smile cannot be stopped yet it cannot be forced
A smile is witness to human emotion
A smile is silent yet heard
A smile cannot be stolen but only reciprocated
A smile can be a reflection of happiness/contentment
A smile can be a disguise if the need arises
A smile can camouflage hidden meaning
A smile can be thought provoking
A smile can be charity
A smile can be overdone
A smile can be scant
A smile can be generous
A smile can be tedious
A smile can be efficient
A smile can be deficient
A smile can be withheld
A smile can be withdrawn
A smile can be a confession
A smile can be loaded with intent
A smile can be unexpected
A smile can be calculated
A smile can be a reaction
A smile can be alluring
A smile can lead to temptation
A smile can capture innocence
A smile can erupt desire
A smile can be hope in the face of trial
A smile can convey peace
A smile never used can become regret
A smile often used can procreate
A smile can be a greeting
A smile can be farewell
A smile can mend
A smile can support
A smile can be genuine
A smile can be deceitful
A smile can be everlasting
A smile can be short-lived

A smile can have a thousand meanings that cannot be realistically explored in a world of limitations. These meanings are endowed upon the smile by us. A friend recently reminded me, a smile in essence remains just what it is. The words that my friend chose to reply were, “A smile is just a smile”. This response so usefully and profoundly captured a relatively prefect definition of a smile.

“A smile is just a smile”

These few words impacted heavily on my conscience. This initiated me to explore the true depth of such an unequivocal statement. For it is only when you open your eyes, then and only then you can distinguish between light and dark.

“A smile is just a smile”

If it is received with this belief, then it becomes the purest and simplest expression. Expectations beyond this are a perception of our own interpretation to what a smile means to us as individuals.

What does a smile mean to you?

The option remains do we take a smile to be a science of bewilderment or do we accept it in its truest form.

“A smile is just a smile”

There is the risk of over-thinking as compared to scant regard for personal intent with greater focus on presence or absence. The mystery of each smile can never be truly appreciated or fully understood, yet we desire that which we cannot fathom.

After all is said and written, the smile continues to express that which it was created for. Thus at the end of my analytical journey, I have come to accept that, “A smile is just a smile”. This in effect brought ease to my contemplation mirrored in my smile.
Blogging with purpose,


  1. salam :)

    i just like what u wrote there :) .In fact , a smile can have a thousands of meanings :).And i think u have covered the most realizations of a smile. I always prefer the innocent smile which u give and u feel ur heart contented and happy with it :). For u a smile is just a smile ...this is not easy to analyse though . It can have unlimitted interpretations . A smile for me is like a component in me. It brightens my face and set it free to shine ; It gives peace of mind and a sense of joy to the receiver. Sometimes i send mysterious smiles to the horizon and still haven't come to realise what were they for .

    1. It is been 10 Years for this post... I have still remember tbis Poem written By you. Smile.. I had to google it up with your nickname in order to read it again.

      Hope you are well


  2. Assalamu alaykum.
    Wow, very beautifully written.
    A simple smile can always brighten somebodys day even your own. :)

  3. That was really beautiful, just like the person you are. A smile has many different meaning, but for me a smile is a sign of acceptance, acknowledgement and humility:)

  4. awww, what can i say. u impressed me once again. the "smile" poem is indescribable cute and so meaningful. i know that u are talented in writing poems, but this one is really special n really nice, mashAllah. i love it. i thought it wud be good, 2 let u know that YOU are always a smile in MY life. cuz everytime when i am speaking 2 u, i feel soo good n u always make me feel laugh - or SMILE :) that's why YOU are, beside of a being a valuably sister, a valuably friend and a valuably moro, also a valuably smile...may u'll never stop 2 be my smile. thank u 4 everything. thank u 4 being my sister, my friend, my moro, MY smile!
    i will always love u, n i will never top smiling, as long as i have u.
    may Allah bless u n may He always keep us 2gether,ameen.
    always in love..ur fundie, or nowadays also called: fundabody :P

  5. Thank you so much for all your kind words of support and for taking the time to read and comment.
    Know that I remain forever indebted to you and it is all well appreciated.
    May a smile be with you all as you have brought only smiles to me with your comments :)
    @ Abdessamad: Thank you so much and yes the smile is left to the individual to explore its meaning and I also enjoyed reading your interpretation :)
    Thanks so much for sharing
    may a smile remain with you forever ameen
    @ Sumaiyya: Thank you honey; yes indeed a smile can do this perfectly :)
    may a smile remain with you forever ameen
    @ Sally: Awww thank you and most definitely you are more worthy of praise to appreciate my humble beauty :)
    yes I totally agree with you on your interpretation
    thanks for sharing :)
    may a smile remain with you forever ameen
    @ Funda: awww my heart is melting, may Allah bless and keep you always ameen
    stay as perfect, sweet and blessed as you are my canim
    I have found my heart, my smile, my friend and my sister
    Ruh Ikizim <3
    Ameeeeeeeen for all your duas
    may a smile remain with you forever ameen