Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blurred Vision

“No hay ciego peor que el que no quiere ver” - “There is none so blind than one who does not want to see”

Many of us are preoccupied with great expectations and in its quest we become obsessed. The target is set far beyond our reach. Is it ambition or are we just inevitably marrying our dreams with disappointment? The choice to live rather than wait for death echoes an optimistic outlook to life. From that day onwards we demand from life what we perceive to be in our best interest yet life serves us individually and independently. Optimism becomes meshed with wishful thinking and we lose sight of what really exists. The vicious cycle of want and acquisition continues to spin the axis of our world. We want, we acquire, we want, we acquire… and the story continues.

“The grass is always greener on the other side” ~Unknown

These words remain etched in our subconscious and fuel our drive to acquire. It is only when the outcome does not mirror our expectations that we start to question our God-given right to hope.
“You only see what your eyes want to see” ~Frozen lyrics

Why do we expect more than what is there? When we cannot even accept the simple arrangement of our life, how can we begin to truly see? It is only when we look up we can appreciate the height of a mountain, yet we continue to focus on what is directly in front of us. The playing pieces are all around us yet we never learn how to throw the dice. Our fate is left at the hands of strangers rather than us taking the “bull by the horns”. We live in a world of technicolour yet our vision is monotone.

Our understanding is closed to accepting beyond our desires. In this thirst to satiate our wants we ignore the lessons of life being taught to us. Many of us believe our life is not truly in our hands and we cannot solely determine our future yet we can effect a change in our present by choice of will which would definitely be reflected in our days to come.

Our inner sight is concealed under the temporary fascinations of our day to day life. The first step to self rediscovery is on the path of clairvoyance. It begins with seeing what is actually there followed by appreciation and acceptance. If we surrender our fear of losing that which we desire and open our hearts to possibilities that can emanate realistically out of hope and not day dreaming, our eventual outcome would never be as disappointing.

In this world of serve or be served we have begun to compete for prizes that seem to always slip out of our grasp. We find ourselves racing against each other yet there is no finishing line. Trust becomes ambushed by our fear of being overtaken so we envelop ourselves in a cage of deception thinking we have solved the problems of life by compromising our own freedom. What is the use of wings without an open free sky to indulge in? Who or what are we truly protecting by limiting our aspirations? If we cannot submit ourselves to reality then we become engulfed by fantasy.

A person who can accept life for what it is and use the resources available to create an environment tailored to their needs rather than forever searching for wants beyond one’s reach has truly begun to live. Life will not give you what you expect of it nor will it comfort you when it deals with you harshly. The scars of experience are not meant for us to dwell in remorse or blame but it is meant for us to appreciate the worth of something in its absence.

“You waste your time with hate and regret
You're broken
When your heart's not open” ~ Frozen Lyrics

As we become clouded with the intricacies of disappointment we misunderstand the lesson of life. Life is teaching us to submit ourselves to possibilities in a world of reality. The initiation for true vision can only begin with us as no one can live our lives for us. The curtains are withdrawn and the sunlight is pouring in, do we awake from our slumber and restore sight or do we remain in our self built cocoons dreaming of castles in the sky?
As long as we continue to breathe, the choice remains in our grasp as we are the holders to the key of truly living.

Blogging with Purpose

These lyrics were featured to reflect what was said aforementioned
Frozen Lyrics

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