Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Whisperer

Poetry that was expressed,
Insight addressed,
Read what was written,
Comment if befitting,
Gratitude is what I offer to thee,
Penned by yours truly.

I wrote this poem at the age of 12. Poetry has developed into my way of expression. From then onwards; though I had written poems prior to this; my love for poetry has grown gradually and magnificently. The incentive to write even more continued when this poem was published in a local Islamic youth magazine much to this happiness of a young girl.
Please do read and leave your comments.

The Whisperer

He who whispers in one's ear,
No one does he spare,
He tries to persuade and soothe one's mind,
But when he's finished you're left behind.

You will have to face your deeds alone,
He will not be there, for you have lent him a loan,
Now he your enemy sits on a throne,
Hence his work is to cause chaos and not to moan.

Today he will be your closest friend but tomorrow he will be your worst foe,
He is whom that cannot be ignored,
For his words to you are so implored.

He is afraid of only those who believe,
They are the ones who will strive and achieve,
He deceives, opposes and makes mockery,
For he knows only treachery.

He whispers into the hearts of mankind,
And demolishes the noor from their mind ,
Who is he?
We all know!
Don't we????????

Blogging with purpose,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Eid Mubarak!

"When My servants ask you about Me, I am always near. I answer their prayers when they pray to Me. The people shall respond to Me and believe in Me, in order to be guided."
[Qur'an - Chapter 2: Verse 186]

I would like to wish all of you a most blessed day of Eid. May it be one filled with happiness, sharing, generosity and reflection ameen ya Rab.

Take this time to spend it with family and friends as we rejoice in the accomplishments of our past month of fasting and Ibaadah. The feeling of departure of a loved one as Ramadhan bids us farewell is evident but let us make effort to utilise all that we have learned and strived for rather than regret lost time.

May the peace and blessings of Allah be on each of you!

Eid Mubarak!

Blogging with purpose,

I would like to share this video with all of you :)

A Day At The Beach For Palestinian Children

Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Beginnings

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”
~ Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid 1st century AD)

Another academic year is about to begin and the seasons have changed. Time defines everything in our lives and its “ever changing yet the same” rhythm keeps us on track with our daily life. To feel anxious in these precious remaining moments of freedom is expectable and almost inevitable as we are uncertain of what lies in the road ahead of us. I am no stranger to these feelings but I feel comforted in knowing that it is a start with the company of Ramadhan and a start that has no strings attached. No burdens to carry forth so I also feel excited to start and open to new experiences, inshaAllah khair.

In this time I seek the counsel and guidance of my Rab, may my every step be guided with the best of guidance from the best of Guiders, ameen.

I begin in the name of the Most High, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. With my right foot first I begin my path for knowledge and refinement, inshaAllah khair.

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting.”
Buddha (Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.)

Blogging with purpose,