Friday, August 22, 2008

My Breath

A poetical endeavour to be shared but once a month
As true feelings give birth
Read what was expressed
Comment if it is of any worth
Gratitude is what I offer to thee
Penned by yours truly

My Breath

Upon the verge of falling eternally,
Lost amongst disillusioned mirages,
Thousands clamour yet I remain lonely,
Ink wet upon unwritten pages,
Breath of fresh air intoxicates,
Dispelling my predisposition,
Inevitably intertwining our fates,
Bond deeper than blood connection,
Melting into singularity,
Distance establishes itself more painfully,
Intellectual sharing solidifying one mind,
Expanding emotions inevitably bind,
Underlying ties strengthen,
As the days lengthen,
The heart weakens,
The breath tightens,
Every second of absence,
A served death sentence,
Dependant on the breaths you take,
Sacrificing all for your sake,
My existence lies at the feet of your existence,
This love exceeds the sunsets most intense,
I await my breath once more,
This stale air I abhor,
Stifling in the darkness,
Drowning in prior abyss,
Words unspoken,
Oaths taken,
Story still unfolding,
Patient heart surrendering,
I wait for true unity,
Sacred bond of beauty,
Engulf my spirit with your everlasting company,
With you may I thread destiny,
Restore my life with your presence,
Resuscitate my breath with your essence,
As my heart bleeds I continue to plead,
For once again to breathe…


Blogging with purpose,


  1. wow..
    you can really help me strengthen my vocab hehe.
    mashallah your poetry is so well writen and deep.

  2. Thank you Shummo darling
    aww lol
    and I love you <3