Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just me

Just Me

“He that will not reason is a bigot; He that cannot reason is a fool; He that dares not reason is a slave” ~ William Drummond

Each day passes in the constant construction and destruction of public figures which makes one wonder where does everyone else fall? Whether he did or did not, whether she said or didn’t say can’t pay my electricity bill at the end of the month but then again people are suckers for a good gossip. Maybe it’s just me but lately even the news is centred on personal matters that really should be left where they belong. One would think; I chance to foolishly assume that people do actually think; there are many more issues that deserve our attention and time yet these are left on the back burner because we allow others to choose what is and should be of importance to us.
I cannot see any sense in absorbing myself in such irrelevant babble that retards our ability to process thoughts and reason. We sit in front of the big black box, ehem I mean the slim flat screens and consume whatever is being said as the “holy word”. If we missed any updates we can then further ingest more articles and video clips from our friendly room-mate the ever famous Internet. The quality of information is not up for debate but the content is bound to be the source for the topics of tomorrow’s talk with just about anyone we meet.

When all of that is over, I still have that assignment to email by 12:00am or I face suspension from classes, he still has to wait in the doctor’s waiting area for five hours before getting attended to, she still hasn’t told him about what her parents said and surely you can easily see where I’m going with this. While the world waits with anticipation and suppressed breathing for another super power to determine what is worthwhile and what is not, I remain true to my own conscience.

One thing that keeps knocking on the door of my conscience is the recent incidents that have been occurring in Iran. I hardly know anything about it, just merely enough to form a skeleton of the incidents and I must admit it is because I refuse to be sensitised by the insensitive, dysfunctional media. So, what am I really babbling about? What I am about to say is just my own views and I do not claim to know it all or what is best, I just know what my conscience says.
It was and is an accepted fact that for some considerable amount of time the president of Iran or should I say the now “controversial” president of Iran was not on America’s or for that matter the World’s; somehow whatever America thinks is instrumental in determining what the World thinks; nice list. His audacity and popularity amongst his country men together with his continued research into radioactive power, was enough to hang him on the crosses of shame. The only thing I noticed about him, well besides him being a bit short or some may refer to his height as being a bit “vertically challenged”, was how he openly stood for what he decided was of importance to him. That to me was the characteristics of a brave man and of course maybe a “dead” man. I can think of a few who have been black-listed for their choice to be independent thinkers, why of course Mr. Chavez is only a twenty minute flight away. Then there is Mr. Castro but I am not here to discuss whether they are good or bad men, my topic is solely on one’s choice to think.

I do not know who is truly responsible for what is happening in Iran as there are many things that is determined “not” of public interest and therefore we are never made aware of. Before, the world didn’t like him but they just didn’t have quite enough reason to get rid of him without it turning into public outrage or scandal. Now, the world is ready to take up their pitch forks and torches to “annihilate” the threat to human safety. With all of this said I do sympathise with them as many have lost their lives and numerous have been injured.

However, doesn’t it make any of you at least wonder what is strange about these events? Well, I can speak for myself and logically it seems beyond coincidence. I am not “hating” just because you are “hating”. What of the cases of swine flu? To me this gets much less coverage because a panic-stricken world is not good for the mighty dollar. While important information is hushed we consume our time with the passing of the king of pop. With all due respect to him and his contributions to the music industry, his lifestyle and the details of his childhood isn’t going to benefit me in the least. If I recall correctly, this man was being accused of many indecencies and no one tried to defend him as the world black-listed him because it seemed appropriate to do so at the time. Today however, he is back on the good list. Again, I refuse to idolise who is made of importance by others. “Each day passes in the constant construction and destruction of public figures…”

I am a reflection of my own thinking and I choose to think!

Blogging with purpose,
I share these pictures not as an insult to those who have or are suffering from the consequences of such but as a sign that life continues and even when life throws lemons at you, we make lemonade. I humbly apologise if I have offended anyone.
“Even if there is nothing to laugh about, laugh on credit.” ~ Author Unknown

Swine Flu Precautions
First Celebrity Swine Flu Death

[Photography by: Azli Jamil]

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