Saturday, July 18, 2009

Threading on Life's Path

A poet's bequest,
Read and comment; my humble request,
Gratitude is what I offer thee,
Penned by yours truly.

So many paths to choose from,
Determining our eternal outcome,
Standing at an unfamiliar cross-road,
Unable to find an ample abode,
Nothing remaining static,
Ever-changing, always dynamic,
In this world never a comfortable place,
Forever a traveler in this rat race,
Threading through our days cautiously,
Life continues its rhythm steadily,
To remain steadfast in the kingdom of the cruel,
Oppression and discrimination add to the fuel,
Suppressing our anger for another day,
At night our hearts pour out as we pray,
Everyday for peace of mind we strive,
Through your mercy the only way to survive,
Forever a battle over wrong and right,
Contemplating actions giving insight,
Constantly seeking upliftment,
Brief moments of contentment,
When will the sunset of our days come?
How long must we keep our feelings numb?
In my struggles, I search for enlightenment,
For myself, I beg refinement,
Grant guidance to the believer,
Under your wings of Rahma forever.


Blogging with purpose,

[Photograpy by: Julio C.


  1. i want that gorgeous pond in that pic, right in my back yard.

  2. Salaam, I know right! Its really gorgeous
    It was taken in Portugal...
    Jardins Monte Palace (Ilha da Madeira - Portugal)
    Monte Palace Gardens (Madeira Island - Portugal)
    by Julio C.
    Here's to actually visiting that place :) inshaAllah khair
    Thanks for leaving your comment
    God bless