Friday, January 29, 2010

Surely Death is the result of Living

انّا للہ و انّا الیہ راجعون
Inna lilahee wa inna ilaihee Raji3oon
"Verily we belong to Allah and to Allah we return"

The days have gone by so quickly, I know not where to start or what to say exactly. Feelings cannot always be expressed but in time it becomes easier to accept what we were feeling many days ago. Death is an absolute result of Living and all who have walked on this earth will surely experience departure from it. We all hope that our eventual and everlasting destination is one of beauty and serenity and it is in this hope that I raise my hands and make du'a for all my beloved ones whom have gone before me.

Ya Allah, grant my Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle and now Great-Grandmother and all those believers who've gone before, a special place in your gardens of unspoken beauty and bountiful comfort. Ya Rab forgive them of their sins and have mercy on them. Ya Rab you are needless of punishing them, and we are dependent on your mercy for salvation. Forgive them and make their Qabr illuminated and pleasant for them all. Ya Rabbi make Barzakh a beautiful experience for them and grant them a place in Janaatul Firdaus. I ask you of this not for myself but for the love and memory of those who I can no longer hold or see. Ya Rab I beg of you to accept this from me, ameen ya Rab.

My intention is not to upset anyone or to evoke pity for we all have lost someone close to us and dying is as human as eating. This post is simply in respect and memory of those who I long to be reunited with inshaAllah. It is an effort to immortalise my Du'a for them and if by some chance you do read this please say Ameen.

For my mother, the first grandchild amongst many who lost her grandma I lend my support and shoulder to lean on. The tears that we shed today should make our reunion all the more sweeter and beautiful.

I salute a life that lasted for 97+ years and left this world to enter into the life everlasting. for the last time Assalamu Alaykum Maa.

Mama and Maa - 2006

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