Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lost Truth

It's the start of another year and I pray that it will be one where dreams are fulfilled and new ones take birth. "Everyday is a new day", is the only motto life teaches me in the moments past and present. I look to each day as a new beginning and time for renewal. Let's begin...Hello sunshine!

I'd like to share this poem I wrote, with you. Though it's not very cheerful, it's true and an expression of my thoughts. Enjoy and do comment!

Lost Truth
Words born out of erroneous endeavour,
Haunts the resolve of a conscience meagre,
As truth is sacrificed at the hands of deception,
The devil rejoices the abundance of lustful perversion,
Another breath lost in the fires of destruction,
Subdued under years of ignorant transgression,
To withhold the tongue against the onslaught of the slanderer,
To abide by laws partial to the wealthier,
To silently witness the death of a mockingbird,
As it sings its song of justice that can no longer be heard,
All that whispers is the voice of the one sworn to desecrate,
Countless footsteps have walked on this time-limited fate,
Into darkness, light has drowned,
The moment of realisation never dawned,
Surrendering all whims for one final chance to feel,
To feel all that was camouflaged in an effort to conceal,
To bear the burdens that have not been mentioned,
The ink of the scholar is yet to be questioned,
The few faithful, continue to hear the torturous screams,
Of a soul that lies trapped in wilted dreams.

Blogging with purpose,

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