Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eternal Freedom

A poet's bequest,
Read and comment; my humble request,
Gratitude is what I offer to thee,
Penned by yours truly.


Eternal Freedom

A mask of contentment I constantly wear,
Entrusted with burden more than one can bear,
From the thresholds of my sanity,
I seek freedom from their apathy,
Unable to convict with moral equity,
Objectifying their cruel necessity,
On other’s strength and tears do they feed,
Plagued by wretched resolve and greed,
Time bears witness to the ongoing story,
As characters enact a tragic parody,
With every, tear-jerking scene they all shout,
Encore! Encore!
Same victim, same fate,
Yet my life remains to some a metaphor,
My silence screaming to be heard,
My soul desperate to be freed,
Memories etched with eternal strokes,
A portrait capturing that, which it evokes,
Immortalised by the slow effect of time,
Engendered by the resolve of this rhyme,
Preach not, the advice of patience,
Offer not, the price of endurance,
Look into the honesty of my eyes,
In it the secret to emotion lies,
The candle of affection is inevitably evanescent,
In the last hour, before the ever magnificent,
My soul shall taste true release of burden,
Where the sky and earth meet in joyful abandon,
Occupy my conscience with its emotion,
Dedicate my service to true devotion,
Written with the unheard voice of my insignificance,
I entrust upon you the reality of my existence.


Blogging with purpose,

[Artistic designs by : Marco Escobedo]