Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This One's For YOU

This One’s For You

“Life without a friend is death without a witness.”[Arabic Proverb]*
[*Relevantly nice, so decided to repeat it twice :)]

As I reflect on all of my past and present buddies, acquaintances, friends, friends of friends, relationships, I realize easily how blessed I am. For all those who’ve made a lasting impression on me know that I will forever appreciate you as a person and the difference you’ve made in my life. We all start off as blank pages but somehow through life and all the challenges we find people that add color and life to it. My canvas is no different and there are colors that have gone beyond my imagination and still amaze me today and hopefully for many, many years to come.
Someone once said you can’t mix different circles of friends together lol…a precaution worth taking note off! It’s only when you realize how many different layers that make you whole, you begin to appreciate those that truly matter in your life. So here’s a little post dedicated to all the “yous” out there, yeah YOU and nobody else :)

From my creativity this one’s for YOU…

As I woke up this morning I realized I was heavily addicted to “leeannsha”. It was whilst making up my bed I noticed “salwa” was already there ready to give me a healthy dose of laughter. I had a divine moment giving thanks for life and then went off to find me some “divaliciousness”. There was “diva lady” with her bucket full of enrichment feeding my soul. In the next room there was an “LNF” party, one that went 24/7. Viva el “party” lol. To my delight “fundabody” brought me a “duckie” and we all quacked till our throats were all sore. Then “jadi” came and said we were making too much noise so we sent him for some “kebabs” haha. To the sound of kebabs “mashisha” purred loudly and if you don’t know what that means maybe you should ask “PRO” or look it up yourself in the “catzster’s” dictionary. Where’s my “smuckums” and “gawjaz”? I hope “san-san” is looking after them.
Shining brilliantly “brightening my day” was none other than “shummo”. “I’m fabulous if you’re fabulous” I sang out to her. My twin visited next, “iffo janoo” doesn’t come wrapped in a brownish-gold wrapper I’m afraid; I think its blue rofl. Time was running short and I tuned in to watch my favourite action series, “The adventures of Teddy Bearo and butterfly”. :p As I watched I enjoyed some “moony noony pie” as “smiley face” dished out more for me. During the commercials I checked "elmoro4life" to see if "A2D" had posted any new updates on OL. After enjoying the show I heard my poor “tukhie”. :( I had forgotten to listen to her singing her sweet song. We made up and I promised to be “on-time” with my visits. :) Then “suzie” called and told me about “khadina”, “stacey” and “zaana”. As soon as I hung up the phone "mehru" called to update me on "sami yusuf's" schedule. lol
Wait its not over yet, I still have much more to say please sit for a bit longer, just a bit…Today I was extra happy as I was visiting my dearest “Hallie” and her three pumpkins “Salar”, “Taimyyah” and baby “Abdul Qayyoom”. Anyone for pumpkin pie? Sweetness in abundance just makes you feel hungry! lol. From that day onwards I memorized the names of my favourite pumpkin pies. :) As I was driving home I passed by “ASJA” and reminisced the happy days there with “Chem fan #1” and the bag of us, “sher bear”, “b-lo”, “mel”, “leeshie”, “lini”, “dre”, “kreems”, “laura”, “patty”, “marzo” that must be one BIG bag :p and me of course. Suddenly I noticed “mehri jaan” waiting for a taxi and offered her a lift, that was one “happy” ride home. When “jadi” came back with the kebabs I asked him for “hamoudi” as it was scarce for a few months. “Ya Rabby stand by me”, was the message I got. Then we had “mahrach” and kebabs for dinner, as we listened to “It’s my life”. I was happy to inform “nafisa” the butchers shop was closed and she wouldn’t have to meet the “isam” look-alike. My “abla” made me smile once more and I was never “Lost” talking to “linz”. I laughed with “eman” and "zineb" as I told her how I always asked about “sohaz” family. I received some greetings from “paris” before the day was over, “mon cherie”. I sent an sms to “hadjer” and another for “serpil” telling them how much I missed them. As I brushed my teeth before going to sleep I remembered “khajo” promised to fix my teeth when she was certified. Of course "hoobie boobie" had already given me free checkups prior to this. :) At the end of the day I looked up to the sky and said for every star up there I could think of someone shining brighter in my life. To all my “forum peeps”, my “Maghreb brethren and sistren” of course, my “moros”,, my “school mates”, my “work colleagues”, my “teachers” to every single one of you, here’s a huge THANK YOU from me, thanks for being there, you just made it all a nicer world for me. :)

“I’ve learnt that people will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
But people will never forget how you made them feel”. [Maya Angelou]

Blogging with purpose,


  1. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
    You don't know how much you brighten up my day. <3
    You'll always be the light I look for on a gloomy day.
    My big sister. :D

    thankyouuuuuuuuu, i am honoured to be a little piece of your beautiful life, my leleeeee <3
    ~ tukhaa

  3. beautiful piece mashallah,its very creative and imaginative.Brought a smile to my face

  4. OMG Lolittaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    I phuckin heart u WOMAN!!!! THIS HAS MADE MY DAY hehehhehe

    thank u so much habeebti xxx

  5. aww..i feel so blessed, u cant imagine..huniii, u say u are lucky 4 having nice friends, but WE are more lucky 2 know such a brilliant person like u. wAllahi, my love 2 u is endless. may Allah always keep us 2gether, ameen..wAllah i felt so special n so touched while reading that beautiful new blog. may Allah bless u. ameen. mwah <3

  6. The most beautiful things are for free, yet at times it goes un-notice. Thanks for reminding me. I am blessed indeed to have such a sweet,wonderful,beautiful cousin. Luv yuh lelue

  7. Bismillaah

    Assalaamu Alaikum!!

    Maasha Allaah! That was too cute (blush blush) thank you Lola!!! The pumpkins are going to love it when I read it out to them :D

    You are so talented masha Allaah. I am very imopressed with your creativity.

  8. Thank you all so much for the comments and positive feedback.
    Know that its well appreciated
    God bless you all
    @ Shummo : Wa Alaykum Asalaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu dear
    and you are the same for me habibty walahi
    my lil sis forever and always <3
    @ Tukhaa : Aww thank you honey and you are most welcome, the honour is all mine sweet tuks <3
    @ Nafisa : alhamdolilah :) thank you so much for your words hon and may that smile last forever ameen <3
    @ Lalla Mona : awww monalita mwaaaaaah
    and you make my everyday seem brighter and better walah , I love you <3
    @ Fundi : Fundabody :D awww your words always make me feel so happy and blessed alhamdlilah
    I love you, always and forever you abla mwaah <3
    @ Salwa : awwww that was so sweet thank you salz mwaaaaaah love you too <3 and your most welcome
    @ Halimah Bint David : Wa Alaykum Asalaam :)
    awww may Allah bless and keep them ameen
    thank you so much for your words , jazakAllah khair Hallie :) , <3