Friday, December 12, 2008

Invasive Past

A poet's bequest,
Read and comment; my humble request,
Gratitude is what I offer to thee,
Penned by yours truly.

Invasive Past

Tears fallen have long forgotten,
Awakening emotions once forbidden,
Reminiscence cascades into active realisation,
Resolved to abstain from repetition,
Truth triumphs the sacred abandon,
Clairvoyance purifies the wanton,
Time erodes the fabric of remorse,
As the reservoir runs its elusive course,
The cup of hurt begins to ferment,
Drinking feverishly from the blood of the innocent,
A thirst that will never cease,
With every sip the scars increase,
Wrinkles of experience remain immortal,
As hope battles against the suicidal,
Sincere efforts all slashed and burnt,
The lesson that must be taught is never learnt,
A cauldron continues to keep the flame ablaze,
Fanning the embers to fuel the haze,
To guard against an essential need,
Starving emotions inevitably feed,
Salvage happiness in the eyes of a survivor,
Search for truth in the speech of a deceiver,
Seek hope in the tears of a widower,
Seize the conviction of a believer,
Enliven all that became numb,
Life awakens burying the past phantom,
A new day has come,
As life’s song continues to hum…

Blogging with purpose,


  1. from where do u get that spirit which supports u 2 write poems..mashAllah. i wished i wud own that spirit n that talent toooo..can u give me lil from urs :P u have talent in writing poems in a u can give some 2 ur lil sister :p
    mwah. xxxoxxx

  2. Awww mwah, your words are more dear to me than my words could ever be
    all for you canim <3