Friday, November 7, 2008

World in Crisis

World in Crisis

As I turn on the television, a “window to the world”, I’m overwhelmed with what I see. My natural inclination is to update myself with the happenings of the world in which I live. I see President Obama already on a tight schedule, as he rushes in and out of shiny, black limousines in his newest portfolio. The hub is over and now he faces the greatest challenge in his 4 year term at the white house; Recession is eminent, international ties are estranged and the people need someone accountable, accompanied with the backdrop of “bad” politics associated with the last presidential office. America has fallen from its grace; the world sees it as power-hungry bully. President Obama, I wish you all the best. May a change come but not at the expense of life or hope, a change that can fuel sustainable growth.

44th President of USA

There is mass fear of a disease epidemic as tens of thousands gather just outside the United Nations base in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Tutsi and Hutu Rebel fighters along with Government militia battle against each other as hundreds are killed in the cross fire. Men of fighting age are dragged out of their homes and shot dead in the pretext that they belong to an opposing rebel group. Thousands are displaced estimated at as much as quarter of a million as they flee on foot with a few basic belongings. They gather around the UN base, some there for two days now and no relief has been sent yet. While the government leaders meet in Nairobi with UN Secretary Ki-moon, a call for ceasefire yet death is knocking on the door of the Congolese civilians with each day that passes.

Mass displacement in DR Congo - Fleeing War

The Israeli army are called to account for the contents of an amateur video posted on youtube showing a Palestinian man blind-folded and mocked as he is made to repeat derogatory statements about himself. The Israeli army says it doesn’t condone such actions and will make a “full” investigation into it yet a leading Israeli human rights group says "many instances of abuse are not exposed because they have become the norm". It is common practice where Palestinians are mocked, verbally and physically abused along the Israeli border under the nose of informed authorities. It was conveniently pulled off youtube but a portion of the footage with English captioning is viewable on BBC.

Palestinian man humiliated by Israeli soldiers

The remarkable resilience of an Iraqi book seller is featured as he starts over his business of selling books. His customers are increasing as he lays a temporary stand on the side of a once busy trading street. He is Nasser Hussain and he represents the true strength of a people under siege from failed governance to the refusal of the US in pulling out their troops. The figure till date stands at 1,284,105 Iraqi deaths due to the US Invasion and the figure continues to rise.

US Invasion of Iraq

The world is on the brink of an economic disaster as foreign states try their best to consolidate to reduce its impact. An unlikely duo of Russia and China has started collaborating, a partnership of convenience rather than mutual interest. Will there be a shift of the “super power” from the west to the east, as Asia makes it stake on the world’s economy. Only time will tell as we remain spectators in a rate race for power and financial acquisition.

President of Russia Dmitri Medvedev and China's President Hu Jintao

Locally, after a domestic dispute a father mixes
lannate, a chemical insecticide, with soft-drink and gives it to his 2 year old daughter and later he himself ingests the poisonous concoction with alcohol. A quick fix to silence his grievances as both toddler and father are to have their last rites performed. A family is literally torn apart and the general public are left stunned.

Police officers and relatives restrain a distraught Lisa Ramdeen at the scene where the bodies of her husband and two-year-old daughter were found. Police said it was a murder-suicide.

Fifteen minutes of my time spent watching these events and I cannot continue the pastry dessert I was priorly eating to my heart’s content.
I feel a sense of gratitude for where I am, as I am made aware of the World I live in …a World truly in crisis.
Blogging with purpose,

Barack Obama as a child with Kenyan born father and American mother


Iraqi women mourn the dead as US raid kills 3

Former President of Russia Vladimir Putin and China's President Hu Jintao
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