Saturday, October 25, 2008


Poetry that was expressed,
Insight addressed,
Read what was written,
Comment if befitting,
Gratitude is what I offer to thee,
Penned by yours truly.


Rhtythms flowing,

Efforts thriving,

Expression feeding,

Rhymes uplifting,

Mind stimulating,

Thoughts revealing,

Innermost contemplating,

Echoes perceiving,

Soul enlightening,

Forever exalting,

Heart illuminating,

Darkness fading,

Beauty awakening,

Beast transforming,

Truth conceiving,

Deceit shedding,

Knowledge seeking,

Lies disappearing,

Pictures painting,

Aesthetically pleasing,

Habits reforming,

Beliefs rekindling,

Essence forming,

Refinement striving,

Action provoking,

Continue struggling,

What is in your heart?

What is in my heart?

Individuality apart,

Express the art,

Let the revolution start,

A face to the truth,

A chance for the youth,

A voice to the mute,

Keep close to the ground,

Find what was never found,

Silence listening to the sound,

Hear the voice resound,

My eyes an expression of my feelings,

My reputation an expression of my dealings,

Hold on to the faith tight,

Express what is right,

Give the blind true sight,

No discrimination from black or white,

Life is a continuous fight,

Grant the wings for flight,

Breakaway from the chains,

Wash away the stains,

Expressions fed,

Expressions said,

Expressions heard,

Expressions understood.

Blogging with purpose,

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