Saturday, September 1, 2012

Emotion of the Heart - 4th Blog Anniversary

All praise is due to the Most High

I am thankful for what was given to me and what was not and I pray that the expressions of my inner voice will always be expressed. Indeed blessed to have the opportunity to reach the 4th year since I've started on that day of the 20th August, 2008. I penned this poem after so many days of not writing . Enjoy. 

Emotion of the Heart

I don't know where to begin or start, 
I guess I shall begin with what is in my heart, 
As emotion begins to set apart, 
The tiniest of things became art, 
A need for love,
But found only unworthy of, 
A time of need, 
Has lost to the never ending greed, 
What shall express what is hidden? 
What shall not extend into the forbidden?
A love lost is one too many, 
Yet I shall not crumble to any,
Too few stay, 
Far more walk away, 
Am I true to this heart that has never failed?
Or are my failures mirrorred in those who betrayed?
As the last light begins to fade, 
I drown my own as I prayed,
One cannot continue this charade, 
As the hand of justice indeed swayed , 
I've lost but I shall not stop searching, 
In one last attempt I am beseeching, 
To find what must be found, 
To live freely to this heart's sound,
My fate sealed and bound.

September 01st, 2012


Blogging with purpose, 

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