Saturday, May 28, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy

The words from the wise. After so many days of toil and struggle, laughter and enduring friendships, one can't help but feel a new day has come. Evidently no such thing has happened and the struggle shall go on but in light of all that, the laughter shall persist. We keep reinventing ourselves in an effort to keep things "fresh". There's absolutely nothing wrong with that in fact it might just be the only way to survive amicably.

Today is just another day, but, it is what we do that make novelties out of selected days. I have missed the refreshing release of expressing myself through this blog. In words that I have long forgotten or never given life to. Today and for the majority of all days please remember these words, "Don't worry, Be Happy". It may just be the reason for you to smile in the face of all the struggle. The struggle won't end but happiness doesn't cost a thing either.
I leave you with a song that will surely do justice to entertainment.

Blogging with purpose,

Don't Worry, Be Happy!


  1. Well now Im smiling from ear to ear. That song is my life mantra. and I cannot help but feel better after hearing it :) Ive missed reading your words. Welcome back Hunnie :)

  2. Thank you both so much!
    Love always,