Friday, February 19, 2010

No One Sees My Tears As They Fall

I am on the verge of breaking,
My heart once cheerful is now breaking,
The Tears roll down as soft as a whisper,
No sound is heard not even a whimper,
They flow continuously without end,
No one sheltered me or tried to defend,
A daughter is like the Rose of her family,
Yet I feel like I am being trampled upon repeatedly,
By those who were sent to nurture with Love and Care,
Instead the brunt of harshness I am made to bear,
This hurt proves to be unbearable,
The scars in my heart are irreversible,
My only wish is of patience,
To comfort my wounds, my only sustenance,
No one sees my Tears as they fall,
Ya Rab, please answer my humble call.


Blogging with purpose,

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