Saturday, October 10, 2009

Reply to Your Duel

I would like to share this reply that I had written to "someone's" poetical duel. For reasons of anonymity I will refer to the person who had originally posted the duel as Curry. Of course the reply was written by me as I stated before and my identity is apparent. Hope you enjoy and do share your reactions!

The Actual Duel

Challenge me to a duel,
make it worth your while,
I tell you 'bring every tool,
'and all of your style.
Make a thought more effective than me,
attempt flawless execution,
disguised it as divine strategy.
I find myself without direction.
I wonder if there is someone who can lead the way.
Perhaps the only guarantee is that there are none,
and cold,
emotionless initiative will save the day.

It feels like there is something missing, and this.. this is precisely how I feel. This poem has direction and none at the same time.. and it is complete yet incomplete all the same.
I challenge everyone with an idea to bring it to life. This is a competition to see how much good you can do with your mind and initiative alone.
Happy New Day.



This was my reply...

In accepting this poetical duel,
I contest one's ability to remodel,
Shift the focus to do lyrical battle,
Attempt to camouflage your previous babble,
Twas fate this muddled riddle,
Should fall upon the doorsteps of a maiden able,
Remedy the ambitions of an unfinished castle,
Promising to effect with exact schedule,
Whilst dull abandon adorns this yielding knight's table,
Circular thoughts never cease to baffle,
Non-sensical rhymes born from blissful idle,
Directions lost is but a school boy's fable,
Chasing one's own tail to a canine's waggle,
Bewildered by the anonymity of his rival,
Dormant thoughts strewn over the silent verbal,
Insatiable thirsting plagues a conscious mortal,
To a missing fate lies the secret to denial,
Ample response given to an ineffective oral,
Exposing the ever flawless execution's betrayal,
Creative amusement summated my arousal,
In spirit of sportsmanship I remain civil,
Though objectively seeking to prove one's effort trifle,
Pardon me for my undue taunting jostle,
Seeking completion is a lifelong hurdle,
To endure patiently is sufficient vigil,
I humbly bid farewell hereby ending my response to your duel.


Blogging with purpose,


  1. definitely won that duel Le-Ann, MashaAllah you are talented :)

  2. Thank you so much sister :)
    JazakAllah khair!
    take care

  3. They are both well done ! This sure made me smile. Good job to you, Lelu, and Curry !!

  4. Thank you Cathy!
    and your comments always make me smile :)
    God bless you!