Monday, May 25, 2009

A Muslimah's Dignity

Poetry that was expressed,
Insight addressed,
Read what was written,
Comment if befitting,
Gratitude is what I offer to thee,
Penned by yours truly.


A Muslimah’s Dignity

As the night drapes the earth,
Covering and protecting all its worth,
The Hijab shrouds our sister’s body,
Her modesty the highest testimony,
Just as the pea remains in the shell,
Efforts to gain salvage from the fire of hell,
Ornaments on display loses its value,
For the rare and priceless are quite few,
Found in hidden havens far from prying eyes,
Flowers in harsh conditions wilts and dies,
The caretaker reaps fruit after hours of nurturing,
The prize a personal gift to the deserving,
Behind the curtains of her garments,
She wishes that they would stop their torments,
For under it all lies a modest woman,
She is but a living, breathing human,
On this earth a temporary guest,
Only to be respected is her request.

Blogging with purpose,