Monday, January 5, 2009

Kulna Ghazza

Kulna Ghazza

My first blog post for the year 2009 is dedicated to Falesteen…

La Hawla wa La Quwatta Illah Billah ~ There is no power or might except from God

These past days have left me feeling desolate and helpless. Today is the 10th day of the recent upsurge of aggression on the Palestinians. As I turn on the news channel or read an article my emotions run high and I cannot understand why a ceasefire hasn’t been put into effect till date. It’s almost two (2) weeks, since it started and yet the aggression is increasing in intensity and frequency. I cannot turn off my feelings with the touch of a remote control and I feel obliged to help in whatever way I can. Of what help can I be? Though it seems useless as all I can do is watch, my conscience does not permit me to lay back and leave slander to prevail or actions of the innocent undefended. It is the least that I can do from where I am but my heart is with Gaza…I take my heart and throw with you.

This recent siege reminds me of the US led war in Iraq to which Iraqis still remain crippled, with more than a million dead. It seems this sort of bullying at the cost of lives is common in history. I can think of many other instances, just recently the Russians were forcing an entry into Georgia and what of the Native Americans of North America; they still remain in “reserves” to this date.
However there was one particular siege that remains to this day an admirable achievement. The conquest of Makkah, where 10,000 muslims strong marched unto the streets of Makkah after being persecuted for years in unimaginable ways. The Makkans cowered in their houses expecting the inevitable as people tend to judge and expect others to act by their own standards. It would be known as the single ever siege that had not even one drop of blood. The Makkans were all pardoned and allowed to stay in Makkah with all of their belongings.

As for the siege that we are witnessing now, the same can definitely not be said. Within minutes into the ground offensive in Gaza, the death rate escalated. What I cannot stomach is how many people remain ignorant to the reality of the crisis. Some are justifying the Israeli’s actions as one “target specific” in retaliation to acts of terrorism from the Hamas on their own population. They say its defence. Which brings me to another point, I don’t think much people know what defence means anymore. I will take this opportunity to re-educate some…
(US defense)
• noun 1- the action of defending from or resisting attack.

Then may I now ask, how can you call this defence? The Israeli’s say they are defending their population against years of random terrorist acts by the Palestinians and what of the attacks on the Palestinian population. A terror act is definitely an atrocious act and I do not condone such no matter who is carrying it out. However in isolation, it cannot be viewed as an eminent attack (i.e. in succession) that requires such defensive action and therefore cannot justify the present Israeli actions. How are the actions of the Israel going to bring back peace and stability? The greater question should be what are their intentions because certainly it is not to the benefit of the palestinian people. It is now 60 years and counting and Israel is still defending? This is open aggression in the offensive, in a bid as they say to eradicate the “threat”. The “threat” seems to include children under the age of 15 which is by the way 45 % of the total population of Palestinians. There are 1.5 million Palestinians concentrated in Gaza which was the last place of refuge for them in what was once their home. Now tell me how accurate and precise can the Israeli intelligence and their rockets be? Yet there are many who can’t seem to understand what is going on and swallow everything they are told, like a food manic after being unable to eat for some hours. Here is an analogy that I hope will make things a bit clearer…
“Don’t judge a person until you can walk in their shoes”

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment…
You are an average Palestinian with a family of 5, three children and a spouse who mean the world to you. You were evicted from your home where generations of your family have lived for and now forced to live in a refugee camp. You’ve lost a lot of loved ones during the years. There has been years upon years of fighting and terror groups attacking both Palestinians and Israelis. One such group, has allegedly fired a rocket into Israel wounding civilians. You sympathise their loss and you fear the worse in retaliation. Your expectations are proved right and now you are being fired upon by the Israeli army in its full force.
Now you are viewed as responsible for terror attacks by some ignorant people around the world, since people of your nationality have carried them out.
Is this truly a war against terror? To me it seems like genocide.

If this still fails to bring it home to you then at least I tried in my humble attempt.

Overcrowded hospitals, insufficient staff, medical supplies and accommodations with a continuous pouring-in of new casualties, is any doctors worst nightmare. Even in this desperate need for help, some countries are refusing to allow the wounded treatment and the Israelis have enforced a blockade. I have just read a comment from a certain individual that seems to think there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and their hospitals are well stocked with medical supplies and the people have way more than enough to eat… :) Please educate yourself I beg of you!
People are dying as we speak at least we can all unite in a common prayer for peace and stop the epidemic of ignorance.
Join the cause for Peace and Ceasefire and let the violence end. I do believe people still have the right to Life, don’t you?

Blogging with Purpose,

Youtubers Against the Gaza massacre

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  1. i dont find any words 2 say..the situation in gaza is so miserable :'(
    "Is this truly a war against terror? To me it seems like genocide. " - how true:/ unfortunately we, as a part of the "normal" populace, dont have many opportunities 2 help palestine, but at least we all have tongues and hands so that we can make dua's 4 our sisters and brothers in palestine... Allah will hear ever single dua inshAllah.
    may Allah help FALESTEEN,ameen!

  2. salam from khudori. we're with Ghaza

  3. I've said so much.. I'm tired.. I've seen so much, I'm sick... I'm angry for not being capable of doing anything.

    I wish I could scream out and be heard... but it'll be a wish forever I guess...

    Ameen Ameen... Du3a2 is the least we can do.

  4. "Slay ye Joseph or cast him out to some (unknown) land, that so the favour of your father may be given to you alone: (there will be time enough) for you to be righteous after that!" [Chap. 012: Verse 009]
    If this is what Prophet Yusuf's own blood brothers could do with him then I expect nothing good from the zionists except hate and oppression...
    HasbunAllahu wa Ne3mal Wakeel
    Thank you all for taking the time to read and leave your comments.
    Know that it is all read and appreciated
    @ Fundi: Ameen ya Rab :'(
    @ A Khudori Soleh: Kulna Ghazza, yes we are :(
    @ Halawa: yes dear, however small it seems, it's all we can do :/
    may Allah be with the palestinians ameen ya Rab

  5. I dont know what more can be added. I think we all feel pathetically helpless. thank God we're not voiceless! My heart & Dua is with the palestinians & all innocent victims of whatever crime committed against them. May God be with us all Ameen!

    " An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere " - Dr Matrin Luther King Jr

  6. Thank you for taking the time to read and leave your comments.
    Know that it is all read and appreciated!
    Ameen ya Rab...
    Kulna Ghazza