Monday, September 15, 2008

Ongoing Struggle

I add another poem to be read,
Words written as conscience was fed,
Contemplative thought was bred,
When all has been said,
Comment if you so choose,
To add to a poet’s amuse,
Gratitude is what I offer to thee
Penned by yours truly

Ongoing Struggle

Vision blurred in the fallen darkness,
Forever contemplating in this solitary abyss,
Inevitably sensing the world is terribly amiss,
As the devils continue to deliver their death kiss,
My screams fall upon deafened ears,
Distant eyes echo my growing fears,
Oblivious to the burning tears,
Flowing with all my hopes, dreams and cares,
Mocking pretenders plague this land,
Traitors laugh as I humbly stand,
My future an open book in God’s hand,
Their hearts sealed unable to understand,
From the innocence of the honest they plunder,
Sworn to cast us asunder,
Leaving the broken heart to wonder,
Breaking under the forces that thunder,
Keeping the faith, I will never surrender,
Desperately hoping for the arrival of a defender,
To survive the onslaught of the present,
In a time where justice is absent,
Patient throughout every torment,
Forgive my transgressions ever so prevalent,
With remorseful tears I sincerely repent,
Fragile faith forever penitent,
In dire need of a guiding light,
Wishing the sun would rise over this morbid night,
Barren hearts ignorant to my plight,
Ongoing battle forever testing one’s might,
To the last drop of blood I fight,
Bestow upon me all that is right,
Barriers removed revealing true sight,
Our blood is one, together we unite,
Will the deaf ever hear my plead?
Everywhere rampant destruction plants its seed,
All are victims of materialistic greed,
Exploiting this vulnerable creed,
Resulting in deprivation of those truly in need,
The call to the faithful unwilling to heed,
Falsely appointing the blind to lead,
Recurring wounds continue to bleed,
On fickle minds, the wicked feed,
Deeds stink with lustful intention,
Its foul stench devours any good action,
Systematically destroying any chance for salvation,
The game of guilt sets fire to any sacred emotion,
Relinquish the evil, a deliverance from temptation,
Seeking the peace to silence our frustration,
An enemy disguised as the soul’s mate,
Feverishly feeding on revengeful hate,
Man is responsible for their present state,
Hope lost but seldom too late,
Rekindle the flame of the lost faith,
The end to our inner struggles we await,
Only with shahadah on our lips may we breathe our ultimate.


Blogging with purpose,


  1. wow..
    seriously you leave me speechless.
    That was beautiful mashallah. (: